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India's Talent Fight

India's Talent Fight (ITF) is a talent show that features singers, dancers & models whether they are kids or performers of any age. This show portrays a huge variety of talent ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, from heart-stopping feats to the seemingly impossible, giving Indians a platform to showcase their talents like no other.

The reality show trend have been in the market for long time. Each one having their own method of selecting the talent, exploring the potential by giving opportunities with different task and then finally selecting the best. Decades after, still every reality show continues to follow the same process. And nowhere the finalists gets a real life changing experience. But now it's time for change !

India's Talent Fight (ITF) is the real first of its kind dancing, singing and modelling reality show that has been uniquely conceptualised. It is different from the rest of the Talent shows as other focuses on just dancing, singing or modelling talent of the contestants while we believe in the completeness of the performance hence it will be judged with respect to few unique parameters. For any performance the start, mid and ending will be important as that will define the control of the performer on his performance. The one who dares to be different with respect to his high class performance will deserve the center stage Lime light.

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